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November 24, 2012 / cre8ive2go

What is Handy Cashier ?

HandyCashier_V1o2_Screen_06_400x300Handy Cashier is a simple iPad App that is designed to help individuals  with learning disabilities run a concession stand. At the beginning of a session you enter the “Float” by denomination. When you do a sale, you enter the items by tapping on pre-programmed keys, and record received money by tapping on keys that represent currency denominations. When the key “Change” is tapped, the App will suggest a proper configuration of bills and coins to give back to the customer based on the float recorded at the beginning of the session. This App at the moment supports five currencies: American, Canadian, British, Australian and New Zealander.

The following are suggested applications for the App:

  • Classroom store
  • Small concession stand
  • Learning to make change
  • Money Identification
  • Craft fair table
  • Flea market stand




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  1. Barb / Jan 27 2016 3:46 pm

    Is this app still fUnctioning?

  2. Ange / Jul 21 2016 11:19 am

    Hi we used this app previously with a group of our students for their ‘store’ and loved it! Unfortunately we can’t use it anymore because it has not been updated. Any way there is a newer version or can be updated?!
    Thank you!

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