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Handy Cashier emulates a simple cash register, where you can configure up to fifteen keys with an item name and a price. It has a key for each coin and bill so the correct amount of money handed by the customer can be visually identified and entered by the operator.

Handy Cashier has a “change” key that when pressed after entering the items for sale and the cash paid, calculates the exact change and shows a table containing the bills and coins needed to give back to the customer.

Handy Cashier in this version only keeps totals for one cycle (one customer that buys one or more things) It doesn’t keep total for the day.


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  1. Lisa Webb / Nov 1 2015 12:39 pm

    Can you update the app for the iOS 9. It will not run on my iPad now. My students love this app and would use it for their school coffee shop at the high school.

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