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Doing a Sale



Figure 8. Doing a transaction

In this example the Chips Key was tapped once, Water once and Pop 2 times. You can see the counters on each key have been updated accordingly. And for Cash, the ten dollar bill was tapped once.

The next step is to tap the Change key to finalize the sale. When the Change key is tapped the make change window will be shown as in figure 9.




Figure 9. Make Change.

Make Change suggest the best configuration of change to give. In this case The Float had enough of each denomination for the optimal amount of change to give back.

Now suppose that you don’t have a five dollar bill in your float, well just tap on the “-“ key on the stepper tool and Make Change will readjust to the next possible configuration based on the available float money if float is being used.

When you tap on the Done button the whole transaction takes effect, the Float gets updated, all counters, Total amount, Cash In amount and Change total go back to zero. The app is ready for the next sale.



Figure 10. Updated Float

In Figure 10 you can see that the Float has been changed accordingly. Originally there were 3  $10.00 bills, but after the sale you can see that now there is 4 $10.00 bills. Also there was 6 $5.00 bills and after there were 5, 10 $1.00 bills and after  9 and so on.




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  1. Todd Grundman / Oct 2 2015 7:41 pm

    Installed in Ipad mini IOS 9.0.2. All I get is the flash creen with no items to pick (currency, enter, etc.) I have reinstalled and still the same. Any ideas.

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